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First and foremost, I photograph ALL kind of weddings!!! I do not discriminate!!!


Before you hire me, you should know a few things :

- I do work alone...however if you are 100% sure that you need a 2nd photographer on your wedding day, the charge will be an additional $700

- I only provide photography

- I do not use drones at all for photos!!!

-my style is mostly photojournalistic...I will take photos as the wedding day unfold!

however, I do take family and bridal portraits, so don't worry about it!

-I do not come to hair salons as I try to minimize the risks associated with travels on the wedding day ( ie : bad traffic, accidents, flat tire...etc...etc)

also photos taken at a salon would only represent a few photos on the final gallery.

-If your wedding party ( including Bride & Groom ) is more than 20 people, I am probably NOT the photographer for you.

-I  usually do not accept instagram or pinterest lists!!!

-To be honest with you, every wedding should be different. You can send me special request, but I do not guarantee that I will be able to shoot it on the wedding day. Those weddings that you see on social medias or Pinterest are not YOUR wedding. Your wedding should be YOURS.

Honestly, what are the chances that your wedding day ( weather, light, clothing ) would be exactly like the one that you saw on Pinterest/instagram?

-As for a posed family photo list, please give it to someone who know the family members so they can gather people quickly when it is time for family photos .


Also....really important : I do not take photos of the guests while they are eating , Because:

1-Nobody likes to be bother when they eat ( I know I don't)

2-You don't want to have photos of your guests with food dripping from their mouth

....I rather take photos of your guests while they dance and have fun.


-one last thing : the wedding date is only be held after payment of the non-refundable retainer!!


Thank you for your consideration.



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