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Questions and Answers...a few!!


Do I really need 2 photographers on my wedding day?

-short answer : NO

-long answer : 

couples planning their wedding day often wonder if they need two photographers to capture all the moments.

While having two photographers may (or may not) provide additional coverage, it's important to remember that a single skilled photographer can beautifully document the essence of your special day.

A professional photographer with experience in weddings can expertly navigate through various angles and emotions, ensuring no precious moment is missed.

This approach allows for a more intimate and personal experience, allowing the photographer to connect with the couple and their guests on a deeper level.

So, rest assured that a talented solo photographer can preserve the magic of your wedding day with grace and creativity, providing you with a stunning collection of memories to cherish forever.

Do you do videography or drone photography?

-No I do not!!!

How to contact you ?

-you can email me directly at [email protected]

or call/Text me at 386-466-5259


How long in advance should I book my wedding?

-As soon as you know your wedding date.

Also please note that my availability can change at any time, and that a date cannot be held without a retainer. It is not rare that 2 couples inquire for the same wedding day at the same time. 



Do you travel for weddings?

-Yes, I do travel for weddings. I photograph weddings in the whole state of Florida. I also photograph weddings in Georgia, South Carolina. In the Summer and beginning of Fall, I photograph weddings in the New England regions.


Do you require a retainer to hold the date?

-Yes, the retainer is required in order to secure the day. The wedding date will not be secured until the retainer payment is received. The retainer is not refundable, even if the wedding is cancelled. The retainer is applied to the total amount of the package. 



Will you send me a contract?

-Yes, a contract will be emailed to you . You will have to fill and sign electronically.



When is the final payment due?

-The final payment is due 15 days before the wedding...



Do you have liability insurance? My wedding venue requires it from all vendors.

- Yes, I do. I do carry a $2M liability insurance


Do you have back-up equipment in case of failure?

-Yes, I do have back-up equipment. 


Can I send you a list of photos that I saw on Pinterest or a requested list of shots?

-To be honest with you, every wedding should be different. You can send me special request, but I do not guarantee that I will be able to shoot it on the wedding day. Those weddings that you see on social medias or Pinterest are not YOUR wedding. Your wedding should be YOURS.

Honestly, what are the chances that your wedding day ( weather, light, clothing ) would be exactly as the pins that you had on Pinterest?

If you really need the photos that you have on your pinterest list, I do believe that I am not the photographer for you, and I would recommend that you do hire the photographer that took the photos that you did pin or saw on Instagram or other social medias :)

The only list that you can send me is the "family grouping" for the posed family formal photographs, so we are sure not to miss anyone. However, please also give the list to someone who knows the family members :)

Would you rather have a copy of someone's wedding, or have someone "pin" your wedding photos because they are different?

Also....really important : I do not take photos of the guests while they are eating , Because:

1-Nobody likes to be bother when they eat ( I know I don't)

2-You don't want to have photos of your guests with food dripping from their mouth

For that reason, I do not go around tables and take "table shots"....I rather take photos of your guests while they dance and have fun


What is your photographic style?

-I like to mix styles. I am here to document the day as it unfold. I will not pose you nor direct you during the "getting ready", Ceremony and Reception

The "getting ready" has to be natural...un-posed. Basically, candid photography.

The only time that I would pose you would be for the family formal portraits as well as the "bride and Groom" portraits....everything else will be candid.

I also do not take photos of the guests while they are eating. I do not heavily retouch nor do I use "crazy" photoshop tricks. I want you to be able to look at your wedding photos 20 years from now.



I saw a photo online, where the Bride was in black and White and the bouquet was in color. Do you do this kind of photography?

-Sorry, but I really do NOT do that!!!! I also do not do weird colors or crazy photoshop tricks such as Dinosaurs, or Bride holding the groom in the palm of her hand. I believe that photos should reflect the real you, and the real wedding. If you are looking for those kind of photos, you would be happier with another photographer.

My style is primary photojournalistic


Some of the photos are in Black & White, can I have them in Color as well?

- Those images are in black and white because of the artistic vision of the photographer. Having them in color will not have the same visual impact. Black and white photos will remain in black and white, and color photos will remain in color.


How many photographs will I receive?

-The couple will get a minimum of 300 edited photographs from the wedding day. Final number depends on the wedding itself. in average, the couple will get between 60-100 photos per hour of coverage.


Can I download the photos from the online gallery?

-Yes, you can download the photos from the online gallery for social medias and emails. The photos are in small size ( Low resolution which is great for Facebook ). They also have watermarks. Those small sized photos will NOT look great printed. Online gallery will be available for viewing for 6 months


How about the photos on the Usb flash drive? 

-The photos on the flash drive do not have watermark, and are in high resolution. 


What happens to the other photos that you took?

-I cull and edit the photos one by one. Photos that do not meet my standards are deleted right away. Photographs given to the client are the final jpeg images.  I reserve the right to edit and release only those images deemed creditable as professional in quality and within  my artistic standards. I only keep the Raw files of the Edited images until I am done editing the wedding; then, I delete them and only keep the jpeg for 8 months .No Raw files ( ie : unedited photos ) will be given to the clients. NO EXCEPTIONS. No change will be made to the final Jpeg images.


When will i get my wedding photos?

-Your wedding photos will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks 


Did you take the photos on your website yourself and do you have a 2nd shooter?

-All the photos on my site were taken be me without a 2nd shooter.  However, if you want to add a 2nd photographer to your wedding collection, please add $700 to the total.


Do we have to provide you some food at the wedding?

- You don't have to...but if you do, I would greatly appreciate it. 

If you decide that you want to feed me, I also recommend that I eat at the same time of the couple, so I don't miss any important moments.

Also very important : I do NOT take photos of guests while they are eating!!! This is why I do not do "table shots" :)


Will you come to the rehearsal diner?

-I only come on the wedding day, as I go to bed really early before each wedding. However, if this is a destination wedding, and i am already in the area on that night, we can discuss the possibility.


One of my family member is an aspiring photographer and I was wondering if he could "shadow" you on the wedding day?

-I really do not recommend that. Family and guests should enjoy your wedding day. In order to provide the client with the best service and most compelling photos possible, it is understood that Artsinfotos Photography must be the exclusive photographer for the wedding. Guest photography is welcome. However, I will request the couple’s intervention if a guest is inhibiting my ability to fully document the wedding. Also The formal photography time is for the exclusive use of Artsinfotos Photography to capture the formal wedding portraits. Due to time constraints and the need for subjects to pay full attention to the professional photographer, Guest photography is requested to be done at a separate time. So, to be clear, the couple formals time is between the couple and the photographer. Nobody else.


Can I have my photos printed anywhere?

YES, you can  have your photos printed anywhere that you wish at any time. However, I do not guarantee the results. I do offer professional prints that are in high quality. 


I am having my hair done at a salon, will you come?

-Unfortunately, I do not come to hair salons. I will only come to the place where you will get dressed ( the final "getting-ready" ). The reason is that the shooting situations in those salons are not ideal ( small spaces, too many people...etc ). Also I do not want to get stuck in traffic and miss the wedding!!By experience, I know that photos taken at a hair Salon usually never make it to the album...