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My name is Christophe and I am the owner/photographer of Artsinfotos Photography - Lake City, FL wedding photographer

I specialize in wedding photography.


I am a "one man show" meaning that I do photograph all my weddings alone, without the help of a 2nd shooter nor an assistant.

I am located in North Florida about 70 % of the year, photographing great and fun weddings anywhere from Key West to Hilton Head Island (located in South Carolina).... Indeed, I do photograph weddings in Florida, South Carolina, Georgia..and sometimes North Carolina

During the rest of the year ( mostly part of Summer and Fall ), I do photograph weddings in New England....anywhere from Maine to Cape Cod.

New England does include Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut!!

You can also visit my blog at www.artsinfotosphotography.com to view my most recent weddings...


Please do not hesitate to contact me about your wedding photography...whether it is in New England or Florida!!

by emailing me at [email protected] or texting me at 386-466-5259

You can also follow me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/artsinfotos


Thank you